Friday, 18 February 2011

Tweet a Pot

Have you always wanted to control a coffee pot through twitter, here is the idea you are walking along the street after a long day at the office, when suddenly you fancy a coffee, you can not afford a coffee from a coffee shop and you don't like instant coffee.

But here is the thing, to make real coffee takes a long time, so what do you do, why not produce a coffee pot you can control through twitter, and now you can as the guy in the video below did.


Here are the instructions to make your own

instructions link

A idea would be to build a kitchen computer to control the pot, you also can use it for other things such Finding Recipes, keeping household calendars and ordering shopping.

A good box for this would be a eeebox or Aleutia, which does not take much room and you can attach a touch screen monitor for ease of use

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