Wednesday, 19 June 2013

worlds smallest dslr

the newest in the canon range of cameras, the eos 100d is the smallest dslr on the market but is it worth the £500 price tag, the camera was designed by canon to grab the attention of people who would like to use slr features but don't want a bulky slr camera. The camera is so small it fits on the palm of your hand but you can put full size lenses on it, below is some videos about the camera

DigitalRev TV
Canon Australia

 here what canon says about the camera
"A small and responsive DSLR to take everywhere. The 18-megapixel EOS 100D delivers superb photos and video and features an optical viewfinder and intuitive touch-screen controls. Create superb 18 megapixel images with a fully-featured, responsive DSLR that’s small enough to take everywhere • Easy to use: Scene Intelligent Auto analyses the conditions and picks the optimal camera settings • Compose using an optical viewfinder or a large Clear View LCD II Touch screen • Continuous focusing when shooting Full-HD movies with Hybrid CMOS AF II. Create edited clip sequences in camera using Video Snapshot • Be artistic with Creative filters. Extra Effect Shot captures a filtered and unfiltered shot simultaneously • Built-in Feature Guide for instant help when shooting • Experiment with the extensive EOS System of lenses and accessories".
so is this camera any good, all in all it depends what you are going to use the camera for, if you want a small arty camera, you can put full lenses on then it may be for you, but it you are looking for speed of pictures and professional camera maybe this is not for you, but really, it is down to you, ask for a demo in a good camera store and try it out for your self and compare it with other small cameras. other


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