Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Antikythera Machine

If you think computers is a new thing, you could be wrong the ancient greeks had them too and was called The Antikythera Machine and is now housed in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens after it was discovered in 1979, up to now people did not know what it was for, but modern x-ray technics showed how the device was built so, people could rebuild it.

The Antikythera Machine, is now believed to be a ancient computer system made by the greeks for astronomy. Professor Michael Edmunds of Cardiff University, who led a 2006 study of the mechanism, said
"This device is just extraordinary, the only thing of its kind. The design is beautiful, the astronomy is exactly right. The way the mechanics are designed just makes your jaw drop. Whoever has done this has done it extremely carefully ... in terms of historic and scarcity value, I have to regard this mechanism as being more valuable than the Mona Lisa."
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